Teen Counseling

Our professional, licensed therapists help teens tackle life’s challenges and move through the transition into adulthood with success. An adolescent has four tasks to accomplish to become a well-adjusted adult. These tasks are categorized as: 1) independence, 2) body image, 3) peer relations, and 4) identity. Some teens will develop faster in one task than others. Some go through the stages smoothly while others do so with lots of turmoil. To add even more stress, today’s teens are facing new and different social issues than their parents experienced due to advances in technology. Here are just a few of the challenges teens face today:

  • Social Media

  • Peer Pressure

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Academic Pressures

  • Sexual Activity

  • Academic Pressures

  • Parental Conflict

  • Drug/Alcohol Use

Therapy Helps

You can learn to manage your emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms through Teen Counseling. Adolescence is a time of self-discovery and identity formation but the list of above stressors can lead to mental health struggles. Research shows that therapy can help modify brain structure and function into a healthier state by helping you process these events.


When struggling whether to share your innermost thoughts and emotions, you may worry about betrayal or fear being judged. Confidentiality creates an environment where teenagers feel safe to open up, fostering honest and productive therapeutic conversations.  When you come to us for Teen Counseling, it is a safe space. You get to say whatever they want, working out thoughts, feelings, memories. The only time we would break confidentiality is if there is a danger of harm to self or others. Or if someone else is hurting you. Of course, there may be things you want to tell your parents but don’t know how. We can figure out a way to bring these up, if and only when you’re ready.


Sad Teenage Girl